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421 - Blocked (address). See http://www.prolinux.net.uy/ir/a/blocked/
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Why my address has been blocked?

You must be here now because your IP address has been blocked by a ProLinux E-Mail Server 2.0. This blocking protects our customers by enabling a dynamic filter designed to identify real e-mail servers and prevents connections from known spamming systems, dynamic addresses and servers that don't follow some simple rules needed to be considered legitimate.

The message you get when you try to send e-mail to one of our servers is:
 421 - Blocked (your.reverse.dns.address). See http://www.prolinux.net.uy/ir/a/blocked/
 421 - Blocked (NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN). See http://www.prolinux.net.uy/ir/a/blocked/
Possible reasons are:
  1. You are trying to send e-mail from a server with a dynamic IP address.
  2. You are trying to send e-mail from a server with an IP address that have no reverse dns record.
  3. You are trying to send e-mail from a server with an IP address that have an inapropriate dns record (i.e.: starts with numbers, like a dynamic IP address).
  4. You are trying to send e-mail from a server with a reverse dns record from an ISP who is listed as "spammer friendly" in our list.
  5. You are trying to send e-mail directly from an ISP who is listed as "spammer friendly" in our list.
  6. You are trying to send spam, and our servers do not accept spam.
I'm not a spammer! What can I do to fix this issue?:
  1. Make sure you are sending e-mail through a real e-mail server.
  2. If you are an end-user, ask your system administrator to check the problem.
  3. Ask your ISP to fix your reverse dns record so it will be correctly identified as a real e-mail server (I.E.: "adsl0012314-dynamic.provider.net" is not a valid reverse dns record for a real e-mail server, but "server.yourdomain.com" is a very good one.
  4. Contact us via this form and send us all the related information to help us help you. You can leave a formal compliant there too.
Our spam policy is very strict. If you believe your situation is our mistake and wish to discuss this topic with us, please call +(5982)4112541, between 9.00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. (GMT -03).
Contáctenos para obtener más información al respecto.

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